Merriment in l'Éurope, and Wishes for a Joyous New Year

After a hiatus in Biarritz, Monte Carlo, and Lido over the holidays, we have arrived safely back in our stately estate along one of the great rivers of our splendorous nation (I am afraid I may not name my exact location; one must’n’t tempt destitute factory workers intent on capturing Papà’s fortunes). Welcome back to me! I did not want for attention whilst abroad, attracting many potential suitors as I strolled feebly through hotel lounges and along beaches. The briny air was beneficial for my consumption, I was able to hone my skills in the French language, and my neurasthenia dissipated into imperceptibility! I did so miss Horace, but now we are back together, spending evenings a comfortable eight feet from one another in the parlor, Horace serenading me with his euphonium.


En Lido, nous sommes restées ici, à l’Hôtel Excelsior:

Un souvenir de Biarritz:

Une image de Monte Carlo:

Et une peinture du Ballet Russe que nous avons vu à Monte Carlo:

Et enfin, (je ne dois pas oublier):

Joyeux Noël et Bonne Nouvelle Année!